Washington University Early Decision Agreement

The ED II procedure may allow applicants to prove that the University of Washington is their first choice, while it has a later application period than ED-I candidates. However, the application of ED I or ED II implies a binding agreement for the applicant to go to the University of Washington if accepted. Note: Any student who enters the sequence “Calculus 131-132-233” can obtain AP credits for previous courses in that sequence by passing the next course of the sequence with the C-grade, or rather at the University of Washington. In any case, this assumes that the student does not yet have credit for previous courses (for example. B by transfer from another university or university). The University of Washington offers first-year candidates the choice of three decision plans: the early decision I, the early II decision and the regulatory decision. If a candidate has not been in a formal academic environment for more than two years, we require the applicant to complete at least one year (30 units) of work at another university or university before applying for admission. Admitted students who have submitted their application but wish to begin their studies at a later date may request that enrolment at the University of Washington be postponed by one year, with the possibility of extending this period by an additional year. Applications for deferral are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be received by June 15 of the summer prior to the start of the first year. Deferred registration is for students who wish to travel or work between high school and university.

Courses taught during the deferral period are generally not accepted as credits; The final decision on appropriation portability rests with the Dean. The postponement must be requested in writing from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The Authorization Committee will review the applicant`s case and inform the applicant of his decision. The applicant must apply for new financial assistance during the application period, immediately before the desired entry date. The University of Washington does not recognize the recognition of high school courses by high school teachers, even if they are taught under the aegis of a university. The university accepts recognition for courses taught at a university or university and taught by them, unless the course has been taken into account in the high school diploma. You can only apply for an early decision at a higher education institution or university as part of a mandatory plan. Julie Shimabukuro, Director of Admissions at the University of Washington, St.