Trial Data License Agreement

The publication of the Standardized Trial Data License Agreement follows the SBAI Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Roundtables series in 2017-18 with alternative investment managers and investors in New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco and London. 7.4. “data manager,” the individual or corporation, the authority, the public authority or any other body that, alone or in conjunction with others, decides the purposes and means of processing personal data; Where the purposes and means of treatment are determined by national or COMMUNITY legislation, the person responsible for the treatment or the specific criteria for appointment may be appointed in accordance with national or Community law. 1. User rights1.1 OAG grants the customer a limited license, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, for free use of the product for a period of fourteen (14) trial period (the “trial period”) exclusively for internal evaluation and testing purposes.1.2 The customer agrees that the data should not be copied, disseminated, displayed, transmitted or transferred in any form to third parties. The customer: (a) does not remove identification, copyright, trademarks or data from the product or data; (b) modify or establish the data or parts of this data or, to the extent that paragraph 1 otherwise allows, integrate the data or some of that data into other programs or materials; or (c) allow any user of the product to download, extract, copy or reproduce all or substantial part of the data and keep it in a secondary database. 1.6. Proposals. The entity may submit suggestions, extension or feature requests from time to time, or any other feedback to SugarCRM regarding the SugarCRM property (as defined below) or other SugarCRM related products, services or documentation (whether disclosed by SugarCRM as part of this contract or forwarded to the company) (together”Feedback”). The company agrees that all feedback from the company is entirely voluntary and issued.

SugarCRM is free, at its sole discretion, to use, disclose, reproduce, license or disseminate or exploit feedback, without limitation or obligation of any kind. The return of information, even if it is declared confidential by the company, does not establish a duty of confidentiality for SugarCRM, unless SugarCRM expressly consents to it in writing. 4. Confidentiality. The parties recognize that each party can obtain confidential information when it fulfills its obligations under this agreement. Each party undertakes and accepts that neither it nor its representatives, employees, senior executives, directors or representatives, do not dividing or dividing confidential information of the public party, except (a) to staff members, representatives or contractors of the receiving party who need access to confidential information to exercise their rights under this agreement and which are bound by a written agreement. , with conditions at least as restrictive as this, confidential or protected information from third parties that is disclosed to that party or b) may be required as such by law or administrative rules, subject to written notification of the receiving party to the public party, to allow the public party to request a protection decision or to prevent its disclosure.