Thenue Tenancy Agreement

CCG Asset Management has entered into a kitchen renovation contract for thenue Housing Association. Emergency assistance was made available by Thenue for the task, while staff “pull all the strings” and remote work is designed to provide support. All objects were studied before the work, each property was carried out with work adapted to the tenant and with a committed Tenant link that was available daily, CCG AM was able to minimize the impact of the work on both the end user and the wider community, with an approach focused on customer service and site management. “We will continue to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances in which we find ourselves and our priority will remain the well-being of our tenants and the communities we serve. Rest assured that we are here for you. “Thenue Housing has a strong balance sheet, not only to build new homes, but also to improve our existing homes to create modern, comfortable properties that people love to live in. Our work at Cranhill and Blackhill reflects this commitment, and we are delighted that our tenants are pleased with the results. Meanwhile, one resident summed up the work of the association and said, “I needed help when I lost my job because of the virus and I didn`t have money for rent or food.” It was great talking to the employees and getting advice. Without it, I would have been lost. “The contract for Thenue Housing Association covered a large number of properties in a relatively small area of the zip code, so the influx of activities would sometimes have been a challenge for residents, but the protocols we had put in place minimized burglary, as the local community was very accommodating. I would like to thank all local residents for their support during the treaty program. Charles Turner, Chief Executive of Thenue Housing, said: “The main highlights of Thenue`s efforts are: tenants have been thrown away like never before thanks to The efforts of Thenue Housing. . The work was carried out over a three-month period on 103 properties in the Cranhill and Blackhill areas of Glasgow. “CCG was pleased to conclude this contract.

The quality of the surface is of a very high standard and we hope that the residents are satisfied with the end result. We thank Thenue HA for their continued support and look forward to working together in the near future. Charles Turner said, “It is essential to thank our inspiring collaborators who quickly committed themselves with passion and partnered with our tenants during this coronavirus emergency. I would also like to say to all our communities that Thenue is here for you in these difficult and difficult times.