Super Agent Agreement

23.6 This agreement and the documents contained in it represent the entire agreement and understanding between the single agent and the super-agent, any prior oral, written or tacit agreement between them regarding the provision of super-agent services. 21.2 Limits must be prudent and relate to the volume of cash moved by the single agent and the risks associated with locating the agent for the performance of banking services. Note: Sub-agents are not UP agents, but are sub-agents for the super-agent UP. Conditions and condition A UP Super-Agent is any person authorized or duly authorized to notify sub-agents on a partnership basis. iv. “agreement,” this agreement between the aggregator and INNOVECTIVES regarding the agent`s participation in the provision of agent assistance services to the agent network and includes all schedules. A. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces any agreement or prior relationship between the parties regarding the banking service of KESH AGENT. Any amendment to this agreement is only valid if it is signed in writing and by or on behalf of each party. xiii.

“KESH EXPRESS” refers to the owner`s agent bank solution managed in Nigeria by INNOVECTIVES. (c) I would like to be an agent/aggregator for INNOVECTIVES in accordance with the terms and conditions, and this agreement establishes the agreement of the parties regarding the banking services of AGENT KESH. v. References to a statute or regulation include a reference to that law or regulation, which may be amended, replaced or replaced. 3.3 This agreement does not give any of the parties an exclusive right. Therefore, the super-agent has the right to charge other persons and/or entities to provide agent banking services where necessary; The agent can also provide agent banking services to other companies. The UP super-agent should be an existing agent up manager and could work either nationally or nationally in accordance with the existing agent up level. Therefore, the manager of agent UP has the right to have a dual role. The UP Manger agent assumes his second role as a super-agent UP and sets up sub-agents via a Super Agency Portal up and not the up Agency Network platform on Payattitude Digital.