New Qi Agreement

An IAP or partnership or trust company to which an IQ applies the agency`s option (section 4.06 of the revised IQ agreement) may provide IQ with its documents and other information to include it in the periodic IQ review described in Section 10.04 of the revised IQ Agreement, rather than conducting the audit itself and confirming its compliance; In accordance with previous IQ agreements, the exclusive method of refunding direct customers declared on the basis of the Payment Services Framework Directive has been implemented through the collective refund procedure. In the event that an IQ did not follow such a refund procedure, a CUSTOMER of the WRP who was suffering from an overload could rely solely on the hope that the IQ would agree to provide a Form 1042-S to allow the client to pursue an individual refund with the IRS. The 2017 IQ agreement changes this situation and, if the IQ does not continue the collective refund procedure, it must provide its customers, upon request, with a Form 1042-S. The corrections described above are consistent with the coordination rule 1.6049-4 (c) (4) (i) by removing the requirement to report Form 1099 for non-U.S. companies. Payers reporting peasant 1-FFis models when the conditions of S. 1.6049-4 (c) (4) (i) are met. The security retention reference in point 8.06 (A) of the revised IQ agreement is also removed to be compatible with Section 8.06(B) and, where appropriate, security retention requirements are specifically covered in Section 8.06 (A) (1) (6) of the revised qi agreement. An IQ may comply with the provisions of Sections 4 and 4A of the old IQ agreement (as in the 2002-2012 revenue procedure, 2000-1 C.B 387 (as published in the amended version) continue to apply to an IAP, partnership or trust to which it applied the option of a joint account or agency until January 1, 2015 , provided that IQ has reached an agreement with this organization by June 30, 2015. , 2014, in accordance with the provisions of the previous IQ agreement. Section 1.02 of the 2014-39 Revenue Procedure provides that a Central BANK issuing an IQ agreement can reach an agreement. A central bank issuing it is not obliged to register on the registration portal, in order to obtain participating FFI or FFI status (as described in sections 1.02 and 3.02 of Revenue Procedure 2014-39), apply for or renew the IQ agreement by filing an application or renewal application with the Foreign Media Program under 3.01 of Procedure Revenue 2014-39.

An exit central bank, described in the sentence above, which renews its IQ agreement on July 31, 2014 or before July 31, 2014, will have a qi agreement effective June 30, 2014. If this IQ continues after July 31, 2014, the effective date of the IQ agreement is the renewal date indicated in the IRS Authorization Notification. A central bank issuing that is not required to obtain participating FFI status or registered FFI status and which claims IQ status has entered into an IQ agreement with the date on which it issued an IQ-EIN. The certification period is three calendar years and the initial certification period is set for the first three full calendar years in force, including extensions.