Muslim Family Law Prenuptial Agreements And The Emergence Of Dowry In Bangladesh

With regard to legal reforms, Halijah reminded participants that the major socio-economic and political conditions unique to Singapore also needed to be taken into account. The government is extremely obsessed with “efficiency” because it ultimately affects economic productivity and investment. Legal infrastructure is an important element in this regard. Moreover, Singapore is a first world country where there must be no “institutionalized corruption”. The problems facing Singapore are therefore different from those of other developing countries, such as Pakistan. The government also has the political will to ensure the effective management of the syariah law on the family and the proper functioning of the Syariah judicial system. The 17% of the Muslim population, although a minority, cannot be ignored by the government. With regard to financial assistance, the law requires the father to pay for the subsistence of his children. The law provides that the court takes into account the father`s financial means. In practice, however, it is often difficult to provide evidence of the father`s financial means.

The law also allows for diets to vary due to changing circumstances, for example. B whether children will continue their education or need special medical care, etc. The court is able to order deductions for the dependent husband`s salary if the husband is an employee, especially if the husband is employed in the state department. If the husband is employed by a private employer, the employer`s cooperation could facilitate the implementation of the support decision. Implementation problems are common when the husband is employed in his own family business or is self-employed. Nik Noriani Nik Badlishah, Malaysia In accordance with Malaysia`s federal constitution, Islamic family law is not under federal jurisdiction, but under the jurisdiction of each state. As a result, there are 14 different jurisdictions (including federal territories) to Islamic family law in Malaysia. It expressed particular concern about the state of Kelantan`s decree, which contains different provisions from those of other states. While most states require the woman`s consent and do not forcibly allow marriages, Kelantan`s ordinance allows the marriage of a virgin to be celebrated without her consent, whether the wali is her father or paternal grandfather. This particular legal point of view is the most difficult to justify under the current conditions, especially given the real circumstances of Kelantan women, who are generally economically independent and active in the economy.