Buttercups Learner Agreement

Our year-round, hourly helpline allows our learners to speak to a tutor or assessor if necessary, and the tutors and designated assessors are assigned when registering. Personal individual education available. The progress of our learners is monitored individually and sustained over the course and beyond the end, if our information, advice and advice service is always available. For butter cuts, we strive to provide employers with the same support we give to learners. Our Employers Information Page allows employers to develop their staff to best meet their organizational requirements. The cups of butter are proud of the support we can provide to our learners. Our support network includes: Our employees are dedicated, respectful and loyal. We are very concerned about the well-being and well-being of our colleagues, but also of those who care for and develop them. If you have a general request on our courses or anything else we can help you, please contact them.

Buttercups Training is a leading national training provider with a track record in implementing quality programs with high performance rates. We offer training programs for pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians and support staff in hospitals, the community, the distribution of medical practices and the armed forces. Professionalism, fairness and integrity are important to us. We respect the rule of law. We believe that policy procedures must be followed, that the confidentiality and protection of our own brands and data and our customers is a responsibility we take seriously. Butter Cups have access to learning tools for the Level 2 Pharmacy Services Assistant (EPI) training standard for pharmacist assistants and level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Pharmacy Services for pre-registered pharmaceutical technicians. Apprenticeship assistance can be used to use the apprenticeship levy and to continue training budgets. We try to understand and predict the influences that can influence the world of pharmacy and education to improve ourselves. We invest in our future and do not sacrifice them for short-term profits Read our latest response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and watch our short courses to provide additional support to pharmacy teams. Stay up-to-date on Buttercups` latest workout.