Beta Software License Agreement

The BETA SOFTWARE product can be used on computer systems that meet the system requirements set by LICENSOR. LICENSOR is not required to provide the hardware and/or software required for the beta SOFTWARE PRODUCT to function properly. 8.2 Other software and pre-release services. To test and improve Apple`s products and services, and only if you install or use other pre-release software or services (except Apple`s operating software) provided under the Beta program that you recognize that Apple and its affiliates and agents may collect diagnostic, technical, use and related information from other preversion software or services, as well as your computer, device, device or other hardware using this preversion software. You should carefully review the version notes and other information provided to you by Apple as part of the Beta program before deciding whether to install or use any other preversion software or service. By installing or using other pre-release software or services, you recognize and accept that Apple and its affiliates and agents are allowed to collect all this information and use it as described above. Browse-wrap agreements use tacit consent, i.e. users do not give their consent, but involve it using the app. In this type of agreement, all you need is a message telling your users that they accept your terms of use and privacy policy with the application and provide a link to the agreement. However, the notice must be sufficiently visible to avoid any allegation that they were not aware of the agreement and the notice. There are no royalties for the purchaser`s use of the beta product under this agreement.

3. Licensing and restrictions. Subject to compliance with this Agreement, Apple hereafter grants you a limited personal license for the use of Apple software on Apple brand products only for testing and evaluation purposes and only in conjunction with that beta program. Unless authorized contrary to Section 15, this license does not give you the right to use Apple software for other purposes or to disclose, reproduce, distribute, modify or create works derived from Apple software.